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Our Commitment during Covid-19

Our Commitment during Covid-19: COVID-19 has been a disaster for thousands of families in Italy and elsewhere. Even those that have not been directly involved with health problems, had to cope with the economic fallout with productive activity stoppage and uncertainty for the future.

The hospitality sector has suffered the brunt of this crisis. We and our colleagues all over the world had to cope with a total drop in reservations and a sudden escape from those guests that were still hosted in our apartments. We also had to cope with honoring reimbursements for holidays that never took place.

Uncertainty and fear for what was about to come were really strong during those months, but the great admiration for the bravery and strength of nurses and medics that were facing such a scary and difficult situation pushed us to act in support of all of those who were engaged on the frontlines against the unknown virus.

Thanks to our association Host Sotto la Mole, we have been able to reach the Turinese Nurse Association: they express the urgent need for houses, apartments, and rooms for all health personnel that has been mobilized from all over Italy to fill in positions in the large cities that were fighting the battle for the COVID-19.

Thus we were able to give our availability to welcome a few hospital personnel, and, from March to August, we had the honor to host nurses that had been recalled to man additional positions in the COVID  ICU by the Mauriziano Hospital, for free.

We will never thank enough those who faced such terrible and painful situations, often in situations of compromised personal safety. Turin Studio Vacation will support the Nurse Association of Turin every time it will be deemed necessary, and we hope that our small contribution will help our community to overcome this terrible situation.