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Eat & Drink in Sauze d’Oulx

Eat & Drink in Sauze d’Oulx

Sauze D’Oulx has many restaurants where you can taste the typical cuisine of the Susa Valley, from cured meats to cheeses such as the typical Piedmontese toma or the delicious Blu del Moncenisio, to liqueurs with mountain herbs such as genepy, and potatoes.

The typical dishes of Sauze d’Oulx are the Ghinefle (small gnocchi, worked with two spoons and mixed with potatoes, stale bread, eggs, milk, and toma).

I Gòffre, waffles obtained from the mixture of flour, water, and yeast, cooked over high heat with honeycomb decorated plates (gofriè) and greased with lard.

All the restaurants and other places where to Eat & Drink in Sauze d’Oulx listed are within walking distance from SauzeMonAmour. 

These are the restaurants we love and recommend to our guests, but feel free to explore and try other places!

L’Orto del Frate: Via Assietta, 18 -Sauze d’Oulx- The only restaurant where to  Eat & Drink in Sauze d’Oulx aMerenda sinoira” (an early bird lunch, Piedmontese style) from 18 to 19 with different polenta and Savoy dishes. it also includes: 3 different kinds of raclette, 4 cheese fondues, 5 meat fondues (2 with boiling oil, 1 in broth, 1 in broth with white wine and spices, 1 in red wine and spices) 1 vegan fondue, PIERRADE (food braised on lavic stone), BAGNA CAUDA (typical Piedmontese food with vegetables and a savory sauce), and homemade desserts among which a CHOCOLATE FONDUE

Derby Bar: Via Monfol, 4The Derby Bar, an institution in Sauze d’Oulx since Frank took it on in 1997. Since then Frank has managed to create a unique experience for anyone lucky enough to visit. Derby Bar is open and ready to thrill you in whichever way you please. Sit next to the wood-burning fire, play a game of nails, enjoy the ice sculptures outside, or rock out to some of the best live music in the Alps. Enjoy live music night with some of the best bands in the Alps and games of pool, table football, or the infamous nail game.

Frank stocks numerous beers and ciders, from the usual larger types to the more exotic and artisanal handcrafted ones. Try the Frank IPA for a fun night (at 8% ABV). The cocktails are often referred to as “the best in the world” and the specially crafted shots are quite something.

Sugo's: Via Assietta, 34 - In the historic center of Sauze, in front of the oldest stone fountain in town, find this delightful restaurant where you will be spoiled with antipasto, bruschettone and first courses, all handmade

Antica Trattoria: Via Clotes, 10 –  A family restaurant with both mountain and Italian-style dishes, and huge servings of great taste. Mirella’s Kitchen is open 7/7

L’Ortiche: Piazza Terzo Regimento Alpino 27/28 – Refined restaurant with fusion dishes and good wine selection. Jill and Raffaele will welcome you with warmth.

Ciao Pais: Via Case sparse, 17Historical mountain chalet along the 42b ski trail with a great restaurant and the best view of the valley. Reachable via ski during the day and snowmobile in the evening. Their cuisine and the beautiful and breathless view will stay in your heart for a long time. It is preferable to book a seat in time, especially at the weekend and during the high season

L’Assietta: Piazza Assietta,4 – Good pizza place in front of the house. It also offers other dishes. Either stay or to-go. Ask Edo your GinMare

Rifugio Tachier: Via Prarion – Mountain refuge along the 12 ski trails. Typical Savoy mountain recipes along with cold cuts and cheese from the area. Eat their butter and anchovie crouton

La Violetta Restaurant: Via del Forno,2 – If you are tired of the typical Sauze cuisine but want to explore new heights of taste for the typical mountain cuisine with forays into Dolomite cuisine, this is the right place for you. The chef Mattia will delight you with his dishes but also in the dining room with Eleonora you will be well pampered.

Let yourself be won over by a menu that changes with the seasons and with Mattia’s desire to propose new combinations. For menu and contacts: La Violetta_Sauze

La Barrica: Via Faure Rolland 5, Oulx. The restaurant serves delicious local food and has an extensive wine list. The wine shop, open since 2000, is an evocative place, with vaults with exposed bricks and a cellar built inside the old Oulx bread oven.

Since 2004, the restaurant has also been combined with over 500 Italian wines from the basement. They speak Italian, French, and English.

Pizza House: Via Monfol, 4 – If you are peckish and want a savory snack, or are returning from a day on skis and enjoy a snack before returning home, you can stop at the pizzeria al taglio, pizzas for all tastes, baked always hot, sweet and savory crepes, french fries, potato croquettes.

Eat & Drink

eat & drink in sauze d’oulx

eat & drink in sauze d’oulx

eat & drink in sauze d’oulx

Eat & Drink