Turin Studio Vacation - Dove mangiare a Torino- Eat & drink in turin

Eat & Drink in Turin

Eat & Drink in Turin:

These are our restaurants of choice in Turin.

We have preferred Piedmontese and Italian cuisine and the best pizza restaurants in town. Each of these restaurants can be reached with ease by our apartments The Stars over Turin, Suite San Domenico, Studio04!, Groovernolo, I TucaniThe Sea in Turin

Ristorante Vintage1997: Michelin 1-star restaurant  Piazza Solferino, 16 H –  The Restaurant decoration is very traditional but there is a great ambiance in both sitting areas. We strongly suggest eating the “zabaione Caldo con amaretti”. Lunch set menu (meat, fish, or vegetables) at €30,00, dinner at 30,00 on the reservation. Besides the wonderful à la carte selection.

Il Giglio: Via San Domenico, 10 –  Seafood specialties and handmade pasta, in a cozy venue with frescoed ceilings. Antonio (Owner, Host, and Waiter) brings the joy of Italy to the English language. Take a chance and follow Antonio’s suggestions for a superb meal.

La Casa del Demone: Via San Domenico, 3 – Cocktails and grilled meat, surrounded by skeletons and horror decor. Best BBQ in town with horror-themed drinks. Fun place to Eat and Drink in Turin, good for adults and families alike.

Ristorante L’Acino: Via San Domenico, 2  – Small and cozy restaurant –wine bar specialized in Piedmontese cuisine and Italian cuisine, with old wooden furniture and barrel vaults.

Enjoy our Italian food in a friendly atmosphere, you can choose their highly recommended cheese platters or pasta dishes, with a fine glass of wine, a thirst-quenching beer, or an alcoholic beverage

Pescheria Gallina: Located by Porta Palazzo farmers market, behind the Clock Tower market building. Fishmonger and seafood cuisine. Open all days for dinners and on Tuesday evenings.

Pizzeria Starita: Via XX Settembre, 36 – The truest pizza Napoletana. We strongly advise you to try the frittatine di pasta (fried pasta). As a “friggitoria” Starita in 1954 in Naples, offers logistical support with its equipment and workforce for the filming of the movie “L’oro di Napoli” in the famous episode that sees Sofia Loren wearing the role of a beautiful and adulterous pizza chef.

In the following years, with the third generation, Antonio Starita, the restaurant specializes more and more like a pizzeria, keeping an eye on the best tradition of Neapolitan pizza. Open every day 12.00-15.00 19.00-00.00

Al Monte dei CappucciniSalita al CAI Torino, 12 –  The best view of the city, together with the great cuisine and service, Turinese and tourist both love the place. Transportation needed.

Scannabue: Largo Saluzzo 25H – Meats are from Martini butchery and the seafood from Pescheria Gallina: the result is this restaurant in the heart of the Turinese Movida in San Salvario.

Tre Galline: Via G. Bellezia,37 – The restaurant for the Sunday lunch for the Turinese people. One of the first restaurants in town, some XVIII novels name the inn called Le Tre Galline. Tre Galline restaurant food could be considered “neoclassical Torinese”.

The executive chef creatively interprets the recipes of the region without ever conceding to showmanship or to imitation, maintaining the welcoming, elegant, and convivial spirit of Torinese hospitality as an ultimate goal. Le Tre Galline offers a 300-year-old tradition of Turinese cuisine, mixing memories, ingredients, and techniques of the Piedmontese cuisine of old.

Pautasso: Piazza Emanuele Filiberto,4 – Old school Bagna càuda with and without garlic,  and traditional dishes such as tajarin and vital tone.